Panasonic FP7 Modular PLC

Panasonic FPT Modular PLC

The FP7 compact design incorporates all the functionality and performance of a modular PLC in a compact 90mm tall format. A single PLC with two roles, the FP7 allows you to control your machinery and your information. The FP7’s large memory capacity and high-speed processing enhances its functionality and performance.

Along with operation speed and memory capacity for machine control, the FP7 delivers ease of use for design, production and maintenance.

Ethernet/IP Compatibility
Ethernet/IP compatibility from built-in Ethernet ports adds easy connection with all kinds of robots and PLCs, enabling controls and communication.

Web Server Functionality
HTTP(S) client function enables the transfer of data from the FP7 to a web server for easy viewing with a browser. Send and receive data from multiple FP7 units on a schedule determined by the FP7.

Control Web Creator
Data collected by the FP7 can be displayed in a web browser. Check information at your fingertips via smartphone or PC, it’s easy to check the current state of the work site.

No HMI is required. Screens (content) can be set up with Control Web Creator and uploaded to the FP7. Then, the operation can be monitored and control instructions sent with a browser.

Large Memory Capacity and High Speed Processing

  • Memory capacity: 452k steps
  • Processing speed: 11 ns/step
  • I/O: 8,192 points

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