Automated Tube Handling System Ensures Accurate Analysis of Human Fluids

Galil’s motion technology maneuvers the robotic arms of NGNY’s automated sorter and decapper of clinical lab vials containing human fluids for analysis

When clinical lab scientists research and analyze human fluids to develop new drugs, find cures, prescribe treatment or solve crimes, they require samples not compromised by contamination, infection or misidentification. To prevent this from occurring during the sample preparation phase, NGNY Devices SL of Barcelona, Spain, developed their STDK500 Automatic Sorter Decapper system. It automates the pre- and post-process of handling, sorting and decapping the vials or tubes of samples, which are organized in trays used with the analysis equipment. The STDK500 consists of a robotic arm for inputting the tubes and another for outputting them, plus a conveyor and decapping module.

Application Solution
Galil DMC-2183 8-axis motion controller handles the precise motion of the robots, with axes 1– 4 assigned to the input robot and axes 5–8 assigned to the output robot. Directly attached to the controller are two Galil AMP-20440 4-axis 200 W servo drive boards which minimize space, cost and wiring. Each robot moves independently on its own Cartesian axis X-Y-Z and T, with rotation of the tube gripper on the Z- axis. Galil’s DMC-2143 4-axis controller with a single AMP-20440 board maneuvers the decapping module.

Joan Viladomat, design engineer at NGNY Devices SL, said “This has been our first design using Galil controllers, and we found that they have an easy and intuitive programming method, which makes them very suitable for our applications.”

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