Galil Motion Controllers Used in Treatment of Cancer

FSI Treats Prostate Cancer with Ultrasound and Galil Helps Them Do It

A new investigational device developed by Focus Surgery, Inc. uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to destroy cancer in the prostate gland. During treatment, a Galil motion controller moves an ultrasonic transducer with pinpoint accuracy so that the prostate tissue selected for destruction by the doctor is actually destroyed. If clinical trials are successful, the new device could replace radiation, hormone therapy and surgery in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Application Solution
This new groundbreaking device is called the Sonablate® 500. A Galil DMC-1822 two-axis PCI motion controller directs the transducer in the probe precisely, allowing the transducer to focus to a point the size of a grain of rice. The probe sweeps the transducer back and forth to accomplish the image-guided therapy. The PC gives high-level position commands and Galil makes sure the motors get there precisely.

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