TechniScan Medical Systems uses Galil

TechniScan Facilitates Precise and Painless Breast Exams using Galil Controllers

Early detection and treatment is one way to try to beat breast cancer, which is why over 50 million women get screened for the disease each year. While necessary and often effective, mammography screenings can be traumatic and then there’s the chance of getting a false result. To improve this process, TechniScan Medical Systems developed their painless, non-invasive UltraSound CT (USCT™) imaging system. It augments mammography exams by providing more accurate, detailed information about the physical structures and bulk tissue properties within the breast.

Application Solution
During the exam, opposing transmitting and receiving transducer arrays rotate around the breast in 2-degree increments, producing ultrasonic sound transmission data for the breast at each rotational position, and with approximately 1mm resolution. All the precise movement and I/O required is handled by Galil’s DMC- 2143 4-axis Ethernet controller, SDM- 20620 stepper module, and DB-28040 I/O daughter board TechniScan’s Systems. TechniScan’s Systems Engineer, Martin Kammeyer liked being able to communicate commands and status from the host processor to the Galil controller via the Ethernet interface. Additionally, because the DMC-2143 controller performs all the functions related to I/O and motion control, the host processor is isolated from such details as bit manipulation, event timing and error detection.

Since the stepper drives and I/O are integrated right on to the controller, it significantly shortened the development time and reduced the complexity of the design.

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