The Benefits of Electric Actuators for Mobile Off-Highway Applications

Trend Toward Electric Actuators

Off-highway vehicle manufacturers are taking a long, hard look at the way they use motion control systems in off-highway vehicles. Once dominated by pneumatic and hydraulic systems, equipment is increasingly equipped with electric actuators.

Electric actuators are smaller, lighter and cleaner than hydraulic systems–all attributes that brighten a company’s bottom line. In fact, electric actuators:

  • Eliminate the need for hydraulic pumps and hoses
  • Eliminate the cost and bulk associated with hydraulic systems
  • Eliminate environmentally hazardous oil and leakage
  • Eliminate high energy consumption of hydraulic systems

Rugged and reliable, our electro-mechanical actuators withstand harsh environments. They operate in extremes of heat and cold, dust, dirt and much and continue to run flawlessly and function efficiently. Typical applications include:

  • Constructions/Road Maintenance
  • Farm/Forestry
  • Turf/Lawn & Garden
  • Railways
  • Recreational

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