Protection of a punching machine

One safety light curtain protects an automatic punching machine and at the same time increases the machine performance by approx. 30 % in PSDI mode.

On a punching machine for labels, brochures, credit cards, children’s books and savings books, protection must be provided against people reaching into the running machine with its sharp knives and punching pressures of 5.7 metric tons. This protection is to be designed such that the operation of the machine is not hindered.

Application Solution
The punching machine is equipped with a C4000 Standard safety light curtain with a protective field height of 300 mm and 14 mm resolution. The signals from the light curtain are evaluated in the UE402 switching amplifier.

Using the C4000 electro-sensitive light curtain, safety according to type 4 is achieved together with significant production advantages. The direct access to the machine when it is not in operation saves a considerable amount of time and shortens the machine’s cycle time. It was possible to increase the machine’s productivity by up to 30%; depending on the item punched.

This is an application from SICK.
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