BOMAG GmbH and WAGO Shake Things Up

BOMAG GmbH knows hard work. The compaction technology leader makes the world move, it’s products compact lime on cliffs, move sand in the Sahara and crush trash in suburbia.

BOMAG’s top-tier steamrollers are 14-ton, diesel-powered workhorses that can be outfitted with one or two massive steel drums for compacting the hardest surfaces. In fact, BOMAG steamrollers can produce 20G of vibration for specialized construction.

Extraordinary vibration is not the only challenge BOMAG’s electronics must withstand; the products are subjected to steamy tropical jungles, sub-arctic windblasts and oppressive UV rays while minerals, such as lime, seep into every nook and cranny. BOMAG’s switching boxes must have sufficient ventilation while proving tough enough for extreme compaction. However, those aren’t BOMAG’s only obstacles.Whether in Dubai or Siberia, comfort and safety matter, and have driven BOMAG to equip steamrollers with luxuries such as electronic stability control and air-conditioned cabins. Despite this, BOMAG has remained true to its technical motto of “simple, but robust” as it sought to prevent contact problems from halting 14-ton compactors and creating costly on-site troubleshooting. With all of BOMAG’s requirements, a completely new electronic solution to an age-old problem was needed.

BOMAG built its rock-solid reputation on dependability and flexibility, and has chosen the WAGO X-COM-SYSTEM of terminal blocks and connectors to get it done. The first step that the BOMAG engineers were already looking into was the “switch box” that contained its central electronic distribution. The existing wiring system took up too much space and was not flexible. The solution was in the switch box: rail mounted terminal blocks with CAGE-CLAMP®-connection, that offer more distribution options:The terminal blocks are vibration safe. The required fatigue resistance of up to 5 g at 30 Hz, is easily met.The terminal blocks are flexible. Any accessories can be easily added in the field at any time — a little room on the rail is all that is needed. Even in compact machinery with limited area, the overview remains.

The terminal blocks are compact and save time on wiring. They are already compact because of their design. Using multiple conductor terminal blocks and jumpers allows more potential to be distributed. Some terminal blocks accept car fuses which saves a separate fuse box and wiring. Furthermore, the fuses placed in a locked distribution unit are tamper resistant.

BOMAG still needed stout connectors — try producing a 14-ton steamroller with out them! The versatility of WAGO’s X-COM-SYSTEM saved the day: WAGO created custom connectors tough enough to withstand compaction, yet are just 59mm high. With the X-COM-SYSTEM, WAGO created receptacles that function similarly to rail-mounted blocks and designed the receptacles to connect with modular female connectors. WAGO also engineered an angled version, which can be combined with a double-deck receptacle. The newly designed components were met with such interest that they have since become a WAGO catalog staple.

BOMAG benefited by:

  • Flexible development, which allows for multiple system re-configurations.
  • Availability of complete, system-compatible cable trees.
  • No need for specialty tools. CAGE-CLAMP® connections can be handled by a screwdriver.

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