Dyna-Lite Gearbox with Hex Shaft

A Successful Machine Builder Conveyor Application From GAM

A machine builder improved speed control and positioning of chain conveyor system using a modified GAM Dyna-Lite gearbox. GAM provided a special input shaft to accept the hollow hex input from the customer’s conveyor drive.

Application Challenge:

A customer was looking to improve the positioning and speed control of their chain conveyor systems.  They needed to replace the helical-worm gear-motors that were driving the conveyors with geared servo motors in order to achieve this goal.  The conveyor drive inputs are hollow hex shaped and  a six piece shaft adapter kit in order to connect the gearmotors is required.  The challenge was Finding a gearbox that could properly interface with the hollow hex input.

The Solution with GAM

Engineers at GAM selected a Dyna-Lite right angle hypoid gearbox for the application.  The output shaft was modified to a hex profile which allowed the gearbox to integrate directly into to the conveyor drive unit with just a single adapter plate.  While the engineers could have provided a standard Dyna-Lite with a hex shaft assembly kit, this solution eliminated a total of five components, resulting in a more compact and easier to assemble system.   Also provided, were tapped holes on the conveyor adapter plate so that a structure could be attached for supporting the motor and gearbox.

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