Pay for the length you want

Waste, A Needless Expense.  Reduce Waste and Pay For The Rail Length You Need.

Designers have preferred rail lengths to meet their application requirement when using profile rail linear guides.  Although it’s desirable to have a specific travel length, the overall product size needs to be efficient to minimize needless waste.  Manufacturing time of linear guides can be long due to the manufactures plant capacities and the exacting specification of the product.  For that reason, many guide manufactures stock various standardized pre-cut rail lengths which can be useful to the designer.  Should the designer’s desired length be somewhere between the standard rail lengths, additional time and cost may need to be invested for additional machining  to the rail.  Ultimately, the designer pays for more length than is required and pays again when cutting the rail to the correct length.

Lintech is a manufacturer of Mechanical Positioning Products.   Lintech rails lengths are ordered to the nearest millimetre desired instead of standard lengths.  They keep their prices competitive and lead-times short for most size.

We are a distributor of Lintech mechanical positioning products in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Let us quote your next rail order.

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