Ossid machinery improves reliability and performance with Mitsubishi Electric Automation

 A Solution for Running Printed Shrink Film On Overwrappers Without Label Distortion

Ossid,  a tray packing equipment manufacturer based in North Carolina, upgraded its form fill seal machinery used in produce, poultry, red meat and medical device industries.  One of the OEM’s shrink  overwrapper lines needed a power control system to help address a common issue that arises during the shrink wrapping process.  Their machine  is used to shrink the end of the packaging.  However, there is  problem  that occurs with more traditional heat tunnels which is a distortion of the company logo  or other information printed on the outside of the packaging.  With the use of Mitsubishi’s precision PLC and Servo System Ossid’s machine allows customers to run printed shrink film on the overwrappers without a concern that their logo or information will be distorted at the end of the process.

Mitsubishi MR-J4 Servo Drive and FR-D700 VFD
High Performance Mitsubishi MR-J4 Servo Drive and FR-D700 VFDs


  • L Series PLC
  • MR-J4 Series Servos
  • GOT100 HMI
  • FR-D700 Series VFDs


  • Overwrapping accuracy without label distortion
  • Improved reliability and expanded customer features

    Mitsubishi L Series Control System
    Mitsubishi L Series Control System

Read the full solution: Mitsubishi’s OSSID case study

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