Pan and Tilt Positioning System

Application Solution:
A military customer used two MOOG Animatics SmartMotors to control a pan and tilt system for aiming cameras, sensors, or artillery at targets.

Pan and tilt systems are often use to aim cameras, laser distance sensors or artillery at specific targets. The base may be on a moving or stationary vehicle and sometimes the target is moving as well. Typically, worm gear reduction and open-loop steppers or DC Brush motors are used target tracking system.  However, the steppers often vibrates too much for steady targeting, and the worm reduction backlash, friction issues fall short of harmonic gear reduction.  The main challenge is to dampen any vibration or movement that may cause issues trying to steady the aim.

The solution includes two MOOG Animatics SmartMotors with a Phase Offset feature as a vibration dampening measure to create stabilization on the pan and tilt systems.

MOOG Animatics Pan and Tilt Application
Pan and Tilt solution with MOOG Animatics SmartMotors


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