GAM Gearboxes Drive the Innovative PARKPLUS AGV System

PARKPLUS is a North America provider of automated and mechanical high density parking solutions. They developed an advanced parking system consisting of free-roaming, battery operated, omni-directional AGV units that utilize traffic management software, markers, vision systems and lasers for self-guidance to manage the automated storage and retrieval of vehicles on trays. The system can be installed in new or existing multi-level parking structures. These structures typically have low ceilings to maximize vertical space, which presented a considerable challenge when designing the AGV.


The AGV had to also fit within the height restrictions yet  be powerful enough to transport a vehicle around the garage. This put  great strain on the physical design envelope of the AGV, specifically for the drive train, which consists of two motors and gearboxes that mount directly into the omni-directional wheels.

GAM Solution

EPL inline planetary gearboxThey teamed up  with GAM to develop a compact gearbox solution that could handle the demanding performance requirements related to conveying vehicles. Abiding by space limitations, GAM selected the 64mm frame size EPL gearbox, which could properly fit into the assembly and meet the basic torque requirements. The standard EPL series is very reliable with hardened and ground straight cut gears, and durable angular contact bearings for a 30,000 hour life rating.  GAM engineers designed a modified version with a more robust output housing, shaft, and added tie rods for additional reinforcement. This was necessary to absorb the shock and reversing loads that the AGV would encounter throughout the parking structures.

Read the full GAM application: Innovative PARKPLUS AGV System

For more information on GAM and the EPL series inline gearbox, contact Tri-Phase Automation, a Wisconsin GAM Distributor or IMAC Motion Control an IL GAM Distributor.