Team effort helps an industrial manufacturer of chillers stay competitive

A Case Story from NOARK

SNOARK FriconUSA Sawyers Food case storyawyers Food Supply is a strong-growing food supplier in the Bahamas that supplies its own supermarket. In 2017, FriconUSA was commissioned to retrofit the entire refrigeration system in Sawyers’ refrigerated warehouse with a new energy-efficient system that is projected to reduce energy consumption by 20%.

The Challenge

FriconUSA specializes in air-cooled chillers, condensing units and industrial ice-makers. These products are used in applications such as air conditioning for commercial buildings, food processing plants, slaughterhouses, cold rooms, blast freezers and food storage/distribution facilities. FriconUSA established a partnership with low-voltage manufacturer NOARK Electric with UL certified components, and an industry focus on the heating air conditioning and refrigeration equipment market. Many of NOARK’s molded case circuit breaker and motor control components, such as contactors, relays, and starters are used in FriconsUSA’s equipment designs.

NOARK Sawyers Food case study

The Solution

After reviewing the project needs, the NOARK Ex9M series UL 489 molded case circuit breakers were selected. NOARK’s Ex9C contactors were utilized in the systems motor control and protection scheme, and the B1N miniature circuit breakers were also used in the power circuit control design.

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Team effort helps an industrial manufacturer of chillers stay competitive

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