Feeder engineered to deliver more with Mitsubishi Electric components

BW Integrated System feeder uses Mitsubishi servo plc hmiStreamfeeder, by BW Integrated Systems, is known for feeding solutions. When the components on their best-selling feeder were being obsoleted, they began looking for servo drive and PLC replacements. The feeder’s footprint was small; therefore, they decided to use a Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4-B Servo Drive. A Mitsubishi Rep convinced them to also go with a Mitsubishi Electric FX5U PLC and HMI making it a better, smarter, more innovative and profitable feeder.

Engineered to Deliver More

Because the entire control system is made up of advanced Mitsubishi Electric components, Streamfeeder was able to do more than increase torque and performance. The new feeder also delivers new capabilities including:

  • WiFi connectivity – Operators can set-up, adjust and troubleshoot the feeder anywhere on the production line — from a phone, tablet or laptop. That means throughput, downtime and runtime decisions can be made more quickly.
  • Job library – Operators don’t have to look up jobs, re-enter parameters or worry about making a mistake. They simply select a job name and push a button.
  • Real-time diagnostics – Management, operators and maintenance personnel can efficiently track productivity, quality and efficiency in real-time
  • Preventive maintenance – The system tracks cycles and reminds users to perform specific tasks such as replacing the belts. Maintenance personnel can perform diagnostics and look at performance over the past hour, shift, day or year.

Components used:

MR-J4-B Servo Drive, FX5U PLC and HMI

Smart Decision Pays Big Dividends

The decision to do more than simply update the system is paying big dividends. By building it better, Streamfeeder was able to leapfrog the competition.

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