Fluid Sensors

We offer a range of fluid sensor solutions from SICK used in the measuring process for liquids, gases and bulk solids and protecting against overfill and dry run. Whether it is temperature measurement, pressure measurement, level control or flow metering we have the right solution for your application.

Fluid Sensors from SICK

fluid Sensors

  • Level Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Plus, Bulk Solid Scanners

Pac50 Pressure Switch

Turns Pressure Into Color

Improve your monitoring of air pressure with the PAC50 electronic pressure switch. The bi-color large display allows you to identify from a distance if the pressure falls within the target range.  This pressure switch has two digital switching outputs and an optional analog output in one device. The output signals can be easily adjusted to the available control system. With the optional IO-Link, the controller or PLC can quickly pass the device parameters to the sensor when replacing the sensor or when changing the format which reduces downtimes.

  • Large displays for system pressure, switching points and output states.
  • Three large function keys, intuitive menu navigation
  • Measuring range for gauge pressure (vacuum and overpressure)
  • Two independently programmable switching outputs, optional analog output
  • Installation on mounting wall, rail, or switch panel
  • Variant for leakage monitoring
  • Waterproof housing with IP65/IP67 enclosure rating
  • IO-Link
SICK PAC50 Pressure Switch
SICK PAC50 Pressure Switch

Measurement of pneumatic pressure of a food slicer

SICK PAC50 on a food machine

Monitor the machine systems pressure to increase the efficiency in food processing and in food cutting machines.

Robot Gripper Application

SICK Pac50 robot gripper

The pressure sensor can be use for determining and monitoring the suction pressure in a robot gripper.

Other Applications
  • Measurement of pneumatic pressure on a meat slicer
  • Monitoring of the pneumatic pressure
  • Improved energy management in compressed air systems
  • Pressure monitoring in the spraying unit

Download the Pac50 Datasheet

FTMG Flow Meter

Energy Consumption Flow Meter With Leakage Detection

FTMg, a sensor for compressed air displays three parameters at once by measuring the flow, pressure, and temperature.

  • Transparent compressed air consumption measurement according to DIN EN 50001
  • Complete overview of the flow, pressure and temperature of gases increases system reliability
  • IO-Link or Ethernet interfaces (communication with OPC UA) for simple system integration and data availability
  • Cost savings due to reduced energy consumption and increase in production efficiency
  • Contrast-rich OLED large display saves time and money during commissioning
  • The collect of flow, pressure, and temperature data in only one installation and commissioning process.
  • Consumption and leakage monitoring in compressed air systems
  • Monitoring of the energy consumption of compressed air in the supply network
  • Measurement of inert gases in packaging with modified atmospheres in the food and beverage industry Flow measurement of non-corrosive gases such as Ar, He, CO2, N2

Compressed air is one of the most expensive sources of energy in a plant according to a survey by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Use this energy tip from the U.S. Department of Energy to determine the cost of compressed air in your facility.

Determine the cost of compressed air for your plant

FTS – Flow Temperature Switch
Liquid flow measurement made easy

Measure both flow and temperature of the liquid in one sensor!

Reliable flow monitoring is the fundamental requirement for protecting pumps from dry run. The FTS flow temperature switch from SICK provides you a more reliable method for pump performance and process monitoring for industrial or Hygienic applications.  This liquid flow temperature switch allows you to easily access accurate measurement data via IO-Link from virtually any liquid – water, water-based liquids, and oil.

  • IP 67/IP 69 enclosure rating
  • Industrial design in VISTAL® housing with 180°-rotatable OLED display
  • Stainless steel hygienic variant, completely CIP-/SIP-capable, process temperatures up to 150°C
  • Flow and temperature detection in the food industry and in CIP cleaning systems
  • Pump protection and monitoring
  • Flow monitoring in cooling lubricant circuits and cleaning machines
  • Contamination monitoring of filters
  • Performance measurement of spraying or rinsing processes


Lfp Inox – Hygienic Level Sensor for Liquids

The Clean Solution

The LFP Inox from SICK is a hygienic level sensor for liquids using TDR technology – a process for determining the time of flight of electromagnetic waves.

  • Level monitoring in buffer tanks of filling systems and filling machines
  • Level monitoring in rinsing systems
  • Level monitoring in CIP systems
  • Level measurement in mixing systems in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry
  • Level monitoring in industrial processes with difficult ambient conditions

INOX Brochure

SICK Bulk Scan

Bulk Solid flow sensor

Bulkscan® by SICK
A non-contact measurement of volume flow

The non-contact technology measures the volume flow of bulk materials on conveyor belts. No matter the properties of the bulk material and the weather conditions, this bulk solid scanner generates a reliable volume flow signal based on the laser’s time of flight and the belt speed with the multi-echo technology.

  • Monitoring the volume flow of raw materials in the food industry
  • Loading systems and packaging facilities
  • Measuring volume and mass in gravel plants and other operations

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