Telesis, a leader in product identification and traceability technology. Every day, thousands of manufacturing environments throughout the world rely on Telesis' wide range of permanent, programmable laser, Pinstamp Dot Peen and Telescribe scribe marking systems. Fast and durable, Telesis delivers the marking systems you need for everything from plastic products to delicate medical instruments, large diesel engines to tiny eighth of an inch bolts.

F-Series Fiber Laser Markers

F-Series fiber laser markers are ideal for industrial situations, typically marking a range of metals or plastics, where a robust compact marking system is desired. The durable design is perfect for integration into a high-volume production line, and a dual-scanning head version can further boost production throughput.

Ranging in output power from 30W up to 75W, the F-Series is a durable line suited for both integrated and standalone applications.

The patented technology of the F2H laser offers the versatility of 2 laser marking systems with one controller. Coupled with the Merlin 2H software, this allows single point programming for two independent laser marking systems.

E-Series Vanadate Laser Markers

E-Series diode-pumped YAG and vanadate laser markers offer improved beam quality, increased depth of focus, and higher peak powers compared to fiber lasers – for fine marking, heat-sensitive materials (metal foils, silicon, plastics, etc.), and applications where higher consistency is required.

Embedded controller versions requiring no separate PC are available for most models. Power Range: 6 – 40W

Green Wavelength Laser Marker

The Telesis EV4GDS is a fiber-coupled, diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) green wavelength laser marking system. The laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics are optimized for applications that require high beam quality and stability. In addition, the EV4GDS offers extra power and speed for precision marking, and is the ideal choice for laser marking, scribing, trimming and other material processing applications. With an average diode life of greater than 20,000 working hours, the EV4GDS offers the user “best-in-class” reliability. The robust mechanical and optical design of the Telesis EV4GDS enables operation in an industrial environment where shock, vibration, and dust are a concern. Power Range: 4W

U-Series UV Laser Marker

U-Series UV laser with its 355nm wavelength is versatile in marking a wide range of materials is perfect for “cold marking” applications where heat zones are not allowed – the UV will mark plastics and silicon materials without the need of additives and will also mark glass with drastically reduced risk of microfracture. The excellent beam quality also affords this laser the ability to be utilized in micro marking applications such as electronics, circuit boards and microchips in addition to solar panels and precise medical marking applications.

C-Series CO2 Laser Markers

C-Series CO2 Laser Marking Systems Proven CO-Series CO2 RF-excited, sealed-tube laser marking systems provide a galvo-steered beam designed for marking. The CO-Series laser marking systems are excellent for marking substrates like wood, glass, Plexiglas®, quartz, ceramics, fabrics, and other organic materials. 

Mark-On-The-Fly versions are available for line speeds up to 500 ft/min. (150 meters per minute). Also available are embedded controller versions requiring no separate PC. Power Range: 10 – 80W

TeleScribe® Scribe Marking Systems

TeleScribe® marking systems from Telesis Technologies are the preferred choice when low-noise marking is required. Sometimes called “drop and drag” or scratch marking, scribe marking is an established standard for VIN marking and other applications where the noise of a standard dot peen marker is a concern.

Pinstamp® Dot Peen Marketing System

Fully programmable Pinstamp® Single and Multi-Pin Marking Systems are based on Telesis’ original, patented “Floating Pin” design. A pneumatically driven and returned metal pin permanently indents the marking surface with either dot matrix or continuous line characters – even logos, graphics or 2-D Codes*. Since the marking pin “floats” on constant return air pressure, surface irregularities up to 1/4″ are easily accommodated. And, no stress concentrations occur


BenchMark® dot-peen marking systems, proudly manufactured in the U.S. by Telesis Technologies, enable you to easily achieve quality, permanent part marking virtually anywhere you need it. Whether you have only an occasional need for marking, or if you need a marking capability in various locations, the BenchMark® series is ideal.

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