IO Link

IO-Link is Your Gateway to a better and simpler machine

IO-Link can improve machine efficiency through communication down to the sensor and actuator level to ease troubleshooting and replacement, shorten changeover time, and make adjustments easier.  IO-Link is a worldwide standard that utilizes industry standard cabling and is fieldbus independent. Benefits include:

  • Easy Device Replacement
  • In-depth troubleshooting information
  • Flexible Sensor Adjustment
  • Condition Monitoring/Diagnostics
  • Additional advance function at the device level
  • Digital transmission of analog values
IO LINK master with IO Link products

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Sensor Integration Gateway - More than just an IO-Link master

The SIG200 Sensor Integration Gateway from SICK allows the seamless integration of sensor data and enables customizable application solutions based on the SOPAS ET technology. Digital input and output signals or IO-Link signals can be bundled easily via the ports on the SIG and then linked to form a customized sensor-actuator system using the drag & drop function in the logic editor. The collected data can therefore be merged and transmitted to higher-level systems, including for Industry 4.0.

SICK SIG200 Sensor Integration Gateway IO Link Master
SICK SLT IO-Link Signal Tower Light

Tri-Phase Automation offers a full range of IO-Link solutions including:

  • Encoders
  • RFID
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Miniature Contract Sensors
  • Fork Sensors
  • Mid Range Distance Sensors
  • Position Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Safety Laser Scanners
  • IO Signal Light Tower
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • And more

Ask about the IO-Link Master Starter Kit
The Easy Way to start with IO-Link

SICK IO-Link master starter kit

The starter kit covers:

  • SICK IO-Link Master SIG200 with preloaded IODDs
  • One inductive and one photoelectric sensor
  • Required accessories like reflector, cables and power suppply
  • Configuration software can be downloaded for free