Mean Well

Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. is one of the largest switching power supply manufacturers in Taiwan established in 1982 and ISO-9001 certified in 1994. Their product lines include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and battery chargers.

Enclosed Switching Power Supply

  • G3 Series: Miniature size, 15W-150W
  • NE Series: Economical non-PFC models, 15W-150W
  • LRS Series: Economical non-PFC, 35W-350W
  • SE Series: Medium to high power models, 100W-1500W
  • PFC Series: Built-in active PFC function, 75W-750W
  • SPV Series: Programmable output voltage, 150W-1500W
  • U-Bracket: 1U low profile, 150W-1500W
  • RSP-75-500 Series: Built-n remote ON/OFF control, 75W-500W
  • G5 Series: High efficiency, 75W-600W
  • MSP Series: Medical enclosed type, 100W-600W
  • HEP Series: Universal AC input, 100W-600W

DIN Rail Power Supply

  • MDR Series: No load consumption, 10W-96W
  • DRA Series: Suitable for machine vision inspection, 40W-60W
  • DR Series: Isolation class II, 15W-100W
  • DRP Series: Fanless design, 45W-480W
  • DRH/DRT Series: Three phase or high input voltage range, 120W-960W
  • EDR Series: EMC standards:EN55022 class A, 75W-150W
  • NDR Series: Economical and slim design, 75W-480W
  • SDR Series: High efficiency up to 94%, 75W-960W
  • TDR Series: High input range (three phase), 960W
  • WDR Series: Built-in DC OK relay contact, 120W-480W
  • KNX Power: EIB.KNX power supply with integrated choke, 20W

Open Frame Switching Power Supply

  • Industrial Green PCB type: 15W-300W
  • Industrial On-board type: 3W-60W
  • Industrial PCB type: Multiple form factors, 5W-250W

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