LoadMate Plus™ Machine Tending Robotic Cell

LoadMate Plus from Mitsubishi Electric

Simplify robotic applications with the LoadMate Plus™ from Mitsubishi Electric. Their robotic cell engineered solution is designed specifically to be easy to set up and use.   Fully configurable, the LoadMate Plus robot and stand are perfect for mobile stand-alone cells, or to be integrated into a larger solution.

As a complete robot and stand solution, LoadMate Plus can help OEMs, integrators, and manufactures save cost and time. Thanks to flexible options, it can be used for assembly, pick-and-place, packaging, inspection or other applications.

LoadMate Plus™ Benefits:

  • Configurable– Select the right stand and robot configuration for your application
  • Flexible – Multiple arrangement and compatibility with a variety of robots
  • Mobile – Easily move to other machines or placement without the need of heavy equipment. Features lockable wheels for stability in operation.
  • Customizable – Customized your workspace to suit your application
  • Safety systems available as standard options
  • Easy CNC integration and programming via Direct Robot Control.

LoadMate Plus for Quick Setup Machine Tending. See how it works, watch the video.

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Main Robot Options

Mitsubishi Electric RVCRF Robot
Mitsubishi RV-CR Series Robots

Perfect all around versatile robot in a compact, slim and cost-effective package.

Mitsubishi Electric RV8F Robot
Mitsubishi RV-FR Series Robots

Available in various payloads, reaches and protection rating including food grade/chemical resistant as applications require.

Mitsubishi Electric Cobot
Mitsubishi Assista Cobot

The Industrial Cobot combines safety with durability and high cycle speeds.  

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Application Highlight:

Machine Tool Tending Robotic Cell

Mitsubishi Electric Automation LoadMate Tending

Quick setup machine tending

Flexible cell with easy programming and integration programming.  The robot and robot stand can be moved around between machines as tasks require or set up on one machine for long jobs.  Works with a variety of Machine Tools.

Mitsubishi electric LoadMate MillTap


Mitsubishi electric LoadMate Lathe application


Mitsubishi Electric LoadMate Drilling Application