Nachi Robotic Systems supplies a wide range of robots and successful turnkey solutions for many applications including: spot welding, arc welding, sealing, material handling, machine tending, material removal, foundry, forging, packaging/palletizing and assembly.

EZ SCARA Robot Series

The EZ SCARA Robot Series consists of 6-Axis (EZ02) and 4-Axis (EZ03) models. EZ robots are available in both floor and invert mounted configurations with a variety of reach and stroke options available.

  • Maximum motion range: 150mm / 250mm
  • Maximum speed: 1200mm/s / 1400mm/s
  • Position repeatability: +/- 0.014mm
  • Maximum payload: 2kg / 3kg

ES SCARA Robot Series

The ES robot models offer a combination of high-speed, exceptionally high repeatability and mechanical rigidity.

  • Horizontal reach: 350mm / 550mm
  • Vertical stroke: 200mm / 340mm
  • Maximum payload: 6kg / 12kg

MZ Series Robot Arm

The new MZ04 robot arms feature ultra high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress capabilities to simplify routing of hoses and cables. MZ04E robots use “Safe Robot” technology allowing it to be used without safety fences* and operators can work adjacent to the robot. (* Risk assessment required)

  • Floor, wall or invert mounting
  • Available IP67 rating
  • MZ04E incorporates optional direct teaching technology
  • Maximum payload: 4kg
  • Maximum reach: 541mm

MC Series Robot

Nachi’s MC Robots incorporate high speed, generous allowable wrist torque, high payload capacity, and linkless arm design to provide a new standard of functional performance.

  • MC10 – 2019mm reach, 20kg maximum payload
  • MC20 – 1722mm horizontal reach, 20kg maximum payload
  • MC35/MC50/MC70 – 2050mm reach, Maximum payload; 35kg/50kg/70kg

SRA Series Robots

Specifically designed for the fast paced automotive industry, SRA series robots will dramatically reduce cycle times, significantly improve productivity, and achieve cost reductions…achieve more with less robots.

  • Various payloads from 100kg to 240kg
  • Standard floor mount models, invert mount model, long reach models over 3 meters
  • New hollow arm series for internal dress of spot welding utilities

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