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As global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion Controls has been delivering innovative solutions for nearly 50 years. Our automation, Ethernet and cellular M2M technology enables companies worldwide to drive productivity through data visibility. Product brands include Red Lion, N-Tron and Sixnet.

HMI Operator Panels

From factories to extreme remote locations, Red Lion’s HMI solutions enable customers to easily connect, monitor and control processes across a diverse range of industries that include manufacturing, oil and gas and water/wastewater.

  • Fiber-optic sensors with fibbers
  • Photoelectic sensors
  • Detecting transparent objects
  • Graphite HMI Panels – modular connectivity, touchscreen displays
  • G3 HMI Panels – built-in Ethernet and a compactflash card
  • G3 Kadet HMI Panels – 4.3” or 7” color touchscreen displays

Visual Management

Red Lion’s ProducTVity Station is a ready-to-deploy plant floor visual management system that displays real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data and Andon messages on large televisions to drive efficiency.

  • Built-in data logger with timestamping
  • 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port, two RS-242, RS-422/485 and USB host port
  • 300 different protocols
  • 2GB CompactFlash card

Panel Meters

Red Lion offers the widest range of panel meters in the industry. Their meters are available in various sizes and capabilities including count, rate, time, voltage, current, process, strain gage and temperature inputs.

  • PAX°®2 – universal power, universal signal input, built-in USB port
  • PAX – 1/8 Din, field-installable option cards
  • PAX Lite – perfect solution for basic monitoring
  • C48 – 1/16 DIN counters and timers
  • CUB®5 – large 4.8” six digit LCD display
  • CUB4 – for basic applications requiring large display
  • CUB 7 – 1/23 DIN footprint, counters and timers

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Red Lion’s unmanaged Ethernet switches offer an array of port configurations, and features a wide operating temperature range for high reliability.

  • 100 Ethernet Switches – N-Tron®, budget-saving series providing excellent EMI protection and DIN-rail mount
  • 300 Ethernet Switches – N-Tron®, up to 17 ports of connectivity, optional N-View™ monitoring technology
  • 500 Ethernet Switches – N-Tron®, up to 26 ports of connectivity, VLAN, IGMP Snooping, QoS, trunking and port mirroring features
  • 1000 Ethernet Switches – N-Tron® 1000 Gigabit switches support jumbo frames excellent for security and mission-critical applications
  • SL Ethernet Switches – Sixnet® switches available in Ethernet and fiber options
  • SLZ Ethernet Switches – Sixnet® switches offer protected circuitry and tough metal DIN-rail mountable enclosures

Cellular M2M

Red Lion’s Sixnet® series RAM® industrial cellular RTUs feature a web-based event engine that can trigger built-in I/O or send SMS text messages based on real-time operational data.

  • Modbus and DNP3 enabled SCADA
  • GPS and multi-carrier 4G LTE support
  • Up to five Ethernet ports and a RS-232 serial port
  • Software selectable multi-carrier 4G LTE with fallback to 3G networks

RTUs & I/O Modules

Red Lion’s Sixnet® series industrial RTUs are available in a wide variety of models and are ideal for advanced automation environments. Available in different sizes, communication ports, and on-board I/O options.

  • Industrial RTU controls
  • Rugged E3 I/O modules
  • Ethernet enabled I/O modules
  • Watchdog Heartbeat Relays provide fail-safe shutdown of process

Data Acquisition

Red Lion provides high-performance and feature-rich products for applications requiring protocol conversion, including the Data Station Plus and the high-density Modular Controller

  • Industrial data collection and management devices
  • More than 300 built-in protocols
  • Standard with 10/100Base-T9X) Ethernet port
  • Built-in webserver

PID Controllers

From single to multi-point control, Red Lion has the right PID controller for any application. Red Lion provides a wide range of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers that are rugged, reliable and easy to deploy.

  • PAX®2C universal input in 1/8 DIN package
  • PXU 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN sizes
  • T48/P48 PID controllers with heater current monitor and remote setpoint
  • TSC/PSC Setpoint program controller
  • DLC dual loop controller provides multi-zone process control

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