Robotics videos

Robots are used in many industries and processes including machine tending, plastic injection molding machines, metal processing machines, food processing, welding and part assembly.  Watch these videos and see the robots in action!

machine tending

Mitsubishi Electric F Series Robot Machine Tending
Machine Tending Operation
Plastic Molding Machine
Techman Machine Tending

Assembly & Parts Inspection

TM Robot – Automotive Component Assembly

Palletizing and Packaging/Labeling

Canning Line Palletizing at Saint Arnold Brewing
Automatic Cardboard Box and Packaging
Safe Robotics: Palletizing Application

food Processing

Nachi Robotics: MC50M Food Grade Robot
NACHI Food Industry Interview
Robot Bakery
Food Processing at Lasagne Factory


Techman Collaborative Robot Overview
Mitsubishi Robot integrated with a SICK safety scanner a vision system
Nachi EZ03 SCARA Robot Speed Demo