Schmersal develops and produces an extraordinary wide range of high quality switches and related control modules for safety applications - for the protection of man and machine.

Safety Door Monitoring

Schmersal provides an extensive product spectrum for monitoring hinged, removable and sliding safety doors allows the guard system of any application to be precisely adjusted to requirements.

  • Safety switch with separate actuator
  • Position switch with safety function
  • Safety switch for hinged guards
  • Safety sensors
  • Solenoid interlocks
  • Door handle actuators

Optoelectronic Safety Devices

Schmersal designs and manufactures a wide range of optoelectronic components for securing hazard zones and areas.

  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety light grid
  • Safety light barriers

Command Devices with Safety Function

Schmersal control devices always transmit operator commands safely and reliably, regardless of whether the commands stop hazardous movements or start critical machine functions.

  • Pull-wire emergency-stop switches
  • Safety foot switches
  • Emergency-stop buttons
  • Enabling switches
  • Two-hand control panels

Safety-related Tactile Sensors

Two dimensional safety sensors are often needed in the hazardous area to monitor.

  • Safety mats
  • Safety edges
  • Safety bumpers

Safe Signal Processing

Schmersal’s product range includes traditional safety-monitoring modules as well as diverse microprocessor based safety devices.

  • Safe-monitoring modules
  • Multifunctional safety controller
  • Modular safety control
  • Programmable safety controllers

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