The nanoScan3 from SICK is the smallest safety laser scanner. With a sensor installation height of just over 3 inches, it is well suited for localization and safe navigation of mobile platforms as well as collaborative robots (cobots).

SICK nanoscan3 smallest safety laser scanner
SICK nanoScan3 close up

World's Smallest Safety Laser Scanner!

  • Only 80 mm high
  • Resistant to light, dust and dirt
  • Precision measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • 3 m protective field range
  • 275° scanning angle
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields
  • Safe machine integration via I/Os
  • Performance Level 3/d

Extremely Robust and Reliable

The nanoScan3 2D safety laser sensor consistently delivers reliable measurement data even under challenging ambient conditions including light, dust and dirt thanks to the safeHDDM® scan technology from SICK.


Improved Scanner Solutions with SICK’s HDDM Technology
Wednesday, March 3  10:00 am CT

Join the sensor experts and learn about SICK’s safe and non-safe scanner solutions that utilize the patented HDDM technology for improved detection reliability. What you will learn in webinar:

  • What is *HDDM and how does it improve detection reliability?
  • Unique and common applications for SICK’s TiM sensors
  • When should you use a safety verses non-safety scanner?
  • If using a safety scanner, what Performance Level is appropriate?
HDDM High Definition distance measurement from SICK

HDDM/HDDM+ Technology

HDDM technology produces very stable measurements.  Multiple laser pulses are emitted in a swift chronological sequence and their reflections from the measuring object are calculated to produce a mean value.  This approach ensures seamless scanning and reliable results, even in the presence of dirt, dust, moisture, and ambient light.

SICK nanoScan3 AGV

Compact Simple, Space-Saving Design

Due to its ultracompact size, the nanoScan3 is easy to integrate in the machine design and is the perfect solution when installation space is at a premium. It’s a perfect match for:

  • Mobile platforms also as know as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots, (AMRs) or automated guided carts (AGCs)
  • Hazardous area, hazardous point and access protection of stationary applications
nanoScan3 safety laser scanner

The nanoScan3 fits under a pallet
and perfectly in different vehicles