sBot Safe Robotic Area Protection


SICK’s sBot solution provides safe robotics area protection with safety logic that is ideally aligned to the robot system, thereby providing optimal operation of your robot application. The integration of the safety system is simple with packaged solutions and user-friendly commissioning. This solution can easily adapt the safeguarded areas to the requirements respective to production steps and in so doing optimizing work processes.

sBot Safe Robotic Area Protection by SICK

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A Simple and Complete Solution For Getting Your Robot Running Safely
Presenter:  Russ Nikodem, Market Application Engineer Safety Products Division of SICK

What you will Learn:

  • How SICK’s packaged solution for safeguarding collaborative robots can drastically reduce implementation time.
  • Which types of applications and robot manufacturers are a good fit.
  • How the software is pre-configured to speed deployment.
  • How the solution can be expanded to accommodate future additions to the process.

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