RFID Technology From SICK

For the first time, a single technology is now possible for company-wide and continuous identification. From assembly of components to the shipment of the end product, SICK’s full line of RFID read/write units achieves complete transparency in production processes as well as logistics.

RFID technology is the foundation for this: IIoT applications with scanning ranges of 0 to 10 m, bulk reading and resistance to interfering factors such as dirt, light, and dust. Plus, a direct line of sight to the data card is also not required.


SICK RFID General image

Intelligent UHF RFID identification

The RFU61X small read/write device is perfectly suited for IoT applications directly on the workpiece or component.


Intelligent RFID communication

The RFH6XX RFID read/write device for read ranges of up to 240mm.  As a result of its  compact design and integrated antenna, it can be used to flexibly and inexpensively expand existing systems. 

Fields of Applications:

  • Workpiece identification on assembly lines
  • Identification of production material in machines
  • Load identification on mobile platforms
  • Material procurement in E-Kanban
  • Container identification in conveyor system.
SICK RFID Application image
SICK RFID in production

Remote data storage based on RFID technology is excellent for production control. Watch the Video

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