Captures motion. Without contact.

The SPEETEC non-contact incremental encoder from SICK detects the movement of object surface without contacting them.  This motion surface sensor opens up new possibilities for measuring sensitive, colored, soft or smooth objects with minimal maintenance effort. Whether it is  continuous roll material or single items like paper, plastic metal, wood, or textile, SPEETEC can reliably determine the length, position, and speed of all kinds of objects and surfaces. Plus, the laser is wear-free, ensuring more process reliability with minimal maintenance costs.

SICK SPEETEC laser surface motion sensor

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See the advantages of SPEETEC, a non-contact incremental encoder/laser surface motion sensor
SICK SPEETEC non-contact incremental encoder laser surface motion sensor

Non-Contact measurements which are gentle on sensitive materials such as thin film or soft rubber.

Non-contact measurement of
speed, length, and position

  • Slip-free position measurement  for increased accuracy and process productivity.
  • Length measurement with high accuracy even on short cut pieces for quality control.
  • Suitable for start-stop operation
  • Optical position measurement – no contamination of the material while cutting.
  • Incremental encoder interface
  • Measuring distance to the surface 50 mm
  •  Speed up to 10 m/s. 
  • Class 1 laser

Fields of Application


SICK SPEETEC printing application

The SPEETEC reliably detects the web speed and supplies the print unit with high-precision signals. This controls the print unit with precision and ensures a high-quality print image.


SICK SPEETEC non contact measurement for packaging

In cutting or printing processes, the speed of the foil web must be detected. SPEETEC enables precise measurement on foil webs.


SICK SPEETEC extrusion application

Extrusion, cables, tubes, hoses, profiles

Building Materials

SICK SPEETEC application for building materials

In addition to movements of endless materials, the non-contact incremental encoder also accurately detects movements of piece goods.

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