SICK TiM LiDAR Laser Scanner
Sensor for area monitoring: small, simple and cost effective

TiM is a small, simple, cost-effective laser scanner for a wide variety of area-monitoring applications. It opens up new application possibilities with its compact design. The TiM is the ideal sensor for challenging presence-monitoring applications. HDDM+ technology offers reliable object detection  even under challenging conditions. 


Improved Scanner Solutions with SICK’s HDDM Technology
Wednesday, March 3  10:00 am CT

Join the sensor experts and learn about SICK’s safe and non-safe scanner solutions that utilize the patented HDDM technology for improved detection reliability. What you will learn in webinar:

  • What is *HDDM and how does it improve detection reliability?
  • Unique and common applications for SICK’s TiM sensors
  • When should you use a safety verses non-safety scanner?
  • If using a safety scanner, what Performance Level is appropriate?

Learn more watch the video 

TiM LiDAR series

TiM Series with LiDAR Technology

Whether your application involves picking up the presence of an object in a specific area (detection) or determining its exact position (ranging) the LiDAR sensor in the SICK TiM series is a highly efficient solution for both tasks. All the scanners in the TiM series work with HDDM technology developed by SICK.

HDDM High Definition distance measurement from SICK

HDDM / HDDM+ Technology

HDDM technology produces very stable measurements.  Multiple laser pulses are emitted in a swift chronological sequence and their reflections from the measuring object are calculated to produce a mean value.  This approach ensures seamless scanning and reliable results, even in the presence of dirt, dust, moisture, and ambient light.

Reliable in a wide variety of area monitoring applications:

  • Presence monitoring in warehouses
  • Monitoring of doors & gates
  • Overrun and height detection
  • Picking applications
  • Collision avoidance for AGVs &  machines
bin full detection SICK TiM
Bin full detection/tote overflow
Area protection or item drop application with SICK TiM LiDAR
Area protection/ item drop
TiM_Product Spotlight empty bay detection
Empty bay detection or
 pallet detection