W4F Photoelectric Sensor

SICK W4F Photoelectric Sensor

The High-flyer in Object Detection

The W4F photoelectric sensor reliably detects highly reflective, flat, transparent or perforated objects under demanding conditions. The mini sensor is well suited for use in all kinds of automation applications including those with limited installation space. As a smart sensor, it supports intelligent monitor and predictive maintenance in industry 4.0 applications.

  • Solves the toughest sensing applications
  • Unique sensing mode and light spots for difficult applications
    • Dual line shaped light spots for odd shaped targets
    • V-Optics for clear materials
    • Multi-Switch capability to get dual functionality out of a single sensor
    • Small light spot for detecting small objects
  • High immunity to stray light and false reflections
  • Small size fits in end of arm tooling and other tight areas
  • Easy alignment and set-up with BluePilot functionality
SICK w4f Photoelectric sensor Blue Pilot

Reliable alignment in seconds with BluePilot

SICK W4F Photoelectric Sensor close up

The blue LED display provides direct feedback for ideal alignment. The photoelectric sensors can be quickly and precisely adjusted via a push-turn mechanism.

Detection of reflective and uneven product surfaces
SICK w4F Photoelectric Sensor Detection of flat structured objects

The DoubleLine photoelectric sensor detects products like biscuits, gel packs, and soup pouches with irregular shapes and independent of their surface characteristics.

Feed monitoring of label film

The V-Optics photoelectric sensor ensures correct feeding of the film rolls – including warning if the film is torn. The MultiSwitch also offers information on the diameter of the roll. This allows the roll to be replaced in a timely manner.

Detection in lane applications
SICK w4f Photoelectric Sensor Detection in lane applications

Thanks to the two different switching points, the MultiSwitch can distinguish between standing and lying objects.

High performance for high-gloss products
W4f High Performance for high gloss products

The TwinEye technology offers the highest level of operational safety when detecting shiny and reflective surfaces such as coffee packaging.

Plastic and metal tool detection made easy
w4f plastic and metal parts detection made easy

With the new TwinEye technology, surface color and properties of objects no longer affect detection.

Reliable dectection of irregular objects
W4F double line technology

With v-optics, the W4F mini photoelectric sensor detects irregular shaped objects like circuit boards despite the very shiny objects on their surfaces.

Detect Very Flat Objects
SICK w4f foreground suppression V optics

Using two LEDs and powerful foreground suppression like V-optics, this sensor is able to reliably detect very flat objects.

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