Socomec provides high quality and innovative power distribution load break switches, meeting both UL and IEC standards. Their offering includes non-fused UL508, 16-80 amps and UL98, 30-1200 amps switches as well as UL98 fused 30-800 amps switches.

Load Break Switches

Socomec non fusible disconnect switches are compact switches that break and make power circuits on and off load and provide safety isolation. These switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications.

  • SIRCO M UL508
  • SIRCO M UL98
  • SIRCO UL98
  • TVSS Surge Switches

Fuse Protection

Socomec fusible disconnect switches are heavy duty switches that break and make power circuits on and off load. The switches employ double break contacts per pole that ensure complete isolation of the fuse when the switch is in the “OFF” position.

  • Improved safety touch safe covers
  • High breaking capacity
  • UL and CSA 30 to 800A
  • Complete range of functions

Transfer Switches

Socomec heavy duty manual transfer switches ensure switching transfer of sources or transfer of two low voltage circuits on load as well as their safety disconnection.

  • SIRCOVER UL1008 Manual transfer switches, 100 to 1200A
  • COMO C UL508 Manual transfer switches, 25 to 100A
  • ATyS UL1008 Motorized transfer switches, 100 to 400A

Metering, Monitoring & Power Quality

Socomec’s measurement technological innovations bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easy.

  • DIRIS Digiware measurement and monitoring system
  • TE, TR and TF current sensors
  • DIRID B-30 RS485 power monitoring devices
  • DIRIS A10/A20/A40 multifunction meters
  • DIRIS G RS485 to Ethernet communication gateways
  • VERTELIS Webview DIRIS G web server software
  • DIRIS management software tools

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