STOBER servo solutions range from planetary gearheads to helical bevel gearboxes to hollow bore motors to rack and pinion solutions.

Motion Control Gear Reducers

STOBER’s motion control solutions to meet your servo needs, including inline and offset, hollow and right angle gearheads.

  • ServoFit™ InLine and offset gearheads
  • ServoFit™ hollow and right angle gearheads
  • ServoFit™ food and beverage
  • Integrated brake and cooling system

Power Transmission (NEMA)

MGS helical/bevel gear drives offer consistent, higher efficiencies than conventional single-worm gear drives.

  • MGS™ – Modular gear system speed reducers
  • MGS™ – food and beverage
  • Mechanical variable speed drives

Rack & Pinion System

STOBER Rack and Pinion systems offer unique designs for various automation and robotic applications.

  • ZR Series
  • ZTR Series
  • ZTRS Series
  • ZV Series

Servo Motor

STOBER ServoFit servo motors provide great precision for your manufacturing process.

  • EZ servo motor
  • Hollow bore servo motor
  • Ball screw servo motor

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