Sensors for Agricultural Machinery

Sensors have a wide range of uses in the agricultural industry

The MP 2000 compactor baling press from the Norwegian company Orkel has many applications for Pepperl Fuchs’ industrial sensors:

  • Filling level measurement in a container
  • Position control of flaps, shutters and casings
  • Counting the number of axle revolutions

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Disinfecting process purifies raw sewage

A solution from Pepperl+Fuchs

pf-disinfection-process-of-raw-sewageIn disinfecting waste water there is the need to accurately batch in chemicals and biological products to purify the raw sewage so that it can safely be released into the environment. Robust continuous level transmitters and point level sensors are required throughout the waste water treatment facility to accomplish this. Methane, acetone, chlorine, and ethanol are used. These gases create hazardous areas where intrinsic safety, purge, or explosion proof solutions will be used.

Large parts of the earth are covered with water, but supplying the world’s population with clean drinking water (potable water) is one of the greatest challenges. Pepperl+Fuchs has a comprehensive line of level sensors products for continuous level measurement and detection instruments for waste water treatment facilities. We can solve your particular measurement tasks in a variety of media and application areas in the waste water treatment facility.

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Level measurement in buffer tanks in bottling systems and machines

sick-buffering-tanks-filling-systemsAn application solution from SICK

The level measurement in buffer tanks is a key application in bottling machines. The correct level must be measured in order to ensure the liquid supply to the bottling systems. The SICK LFP Inox level sensor reliably distinguishes between liquid media and foaming. Using FDA-compliant materials, the LFP Inox is suitable for applications with stringent hygiene requirements.

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