Solar Energy Water Heating System Monitoring

An application story by Advantech


To build upon  ever changing technology, engineering company PRIREV, needed to be able to monitor the amount of solar energy, the temperatures and of a solar energy water heating system for an Olympic sized swimming pool provided by their newly developed solar water flow panel. They also needed to be able to directly monitor these values and their alarms on LCD panels and have these values saved for future reference.

Advantech’s Adam modules provided the customer with a distributed solution that used acquisition modules connected through RS485 and with only a two wire bus for data transfer from all the sensors. This system architecture has two core benefits: the first is that it allows more acquisition module sensors to be added to the system at any time and secondly it’s very easy to add more tags to the software in order to monitor and record those values on a PC.

The customer needed to record the solar light power, different temperatures of the water and the flow of the water inside the pipes and because of their good quality to price ratio Advantech’s Distributed Acquisition Modules were the simplest and easiest system to achieve this whilst allowing for future expansion of the system. Once installed the customer was able to calculate the efficiency of water being heated through the use of solar energy and automatically create reports.



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Solar Energy Water Heating System Monitoring

This application success story is from Advantech
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