Incineration /odor control + methane recovery- Sludge Treatment

Methane is a by-product of recovered sewage sludge in waste water treatment. Methane is highly flammable, toxic if inhaled or consumed, and can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Methane is odorless, while other resulting gases associated with the treatment of raw sewage are highly explosive, such as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide produces an overpowering odor. Pepperl Fuchs has a wide range of intrinsically safe solutions for explosive gases.

Pepperl Fuchs has several technology solutions for waste water facilities that range from point-to-point and multiplexed HART and Fieldbus solutions.

Today, thanks to the Field Barrier, you can directly connect up to 12 PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION fieldbus-H1 field devices or a Segment Protector in Division 2 hazardous areas. Each FieldBarrier has 4 IS connections and can be cascaded together with up to 4 FieldBarriers. The four outputs of the FieldBarrier deliver 40 mA and thus allow the connection of many more intrinsically safe field devices. The need for live work on the passive wiring of trunk and fieldbus distribution modules is extremely unlikely; these can be installed using the explosion proof method.

This application solution is by Pepperl+Fuchs

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Pepperl+Fuchs in Wisconsin.