Protocol conversion at sea

Berg Propulsion  is a Swedish based company manufacturing propulsion systems for the shipping industry world -wide. They use  a self-developed control system called the BRC 800. This includes the levers and buttons needed to maneuver the ship in the desired way. The communication inside the BCR 800 is carried out using Berg Proprietary protocol. The BRC 800 communicated with other electronic devices on the bridge such as the Voyage Data Recorder which is the ship’s “Black Box” registering every turn or maneuver the ship makes. One of Berg Propulsion customer’s wanted to connect a propeller display to the BRC 800 in order to see the exact position of each propeller at any particular time.  The problem was that the propeller display only communicated via proprietary CAN protocol. HMS had a simple and easy-to-use solutions.

HMD suggested a solution involving the HMS/Anybus Communicator CAN, a stand-alone protocol converter which acts as a translator between devices with a CAN port and any fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network. Berg chose to use the Anybus Communicator CAN for Modbus RTU since Modbus RTU could be used to communicate with the BRC 800 control system.

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