Reading of barcodes on paper coils

Reels of paper are transported to various printing presses in a printing works. As the paper thickness and color varies from reel to reel, it must be clearly identified which reel needs to be taken to which machine. The barcode to identify the reel can be at any position on the front of the reel. Comparable requirements exist in paper mills.

Application Solution
Two SICK CLV490 barcode readers are used; these devices are arranged with their scan lines at 90° to each other. The scan lines move over the front face of the reel of paper due to the movement of the reel. With the maximum read distance for the scanners of up to 2100 mm at a modulus width of 0.5 mm and the autofocus function, the coils can be clearly identified and the controller for the conveyor line receives the necessary information to be able to guide the reels to the correct printing press.

Using the CLV490 with autofocus, it is also possible to reliably read imprecisely positioned codes at varying read distances. As a result the fully automatic transport of the reels of paper can be undertaken rapidly and reliably.

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