Checking for presence of pharmaceutical labels on cardboard boxes

Detect color-coded pharmaceutical labels

Each day, manufacturers of rinsing solutions for dialysis systems, infusions, saline solutions and sugar solutions label and pack around 11,000 cardboard boxes. Since these solutions are critical to medical efforts, it is imperative that these products be correctly identified.

Application Solution
During the packaging and labeling process, color-coded labels rapidly detect and differentiate between the various products. All cardboard boxes must be correctly labeled when they leave the packaging line so that dialysis stations, ambulances and hospitals can rely on the labels.

To ensure proper identification, SICK CS3 Color Sensors are used. These sensors are able to reliably differentiate between more than a dozen different colors and shades on the labels. A further advantage of the CS3 is its ease of teaching-in the labels to be detected directly on-site at the machine. The CS3 can reliably detect the presence or absence of a label and whether it is the correct color.

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