Checking the handle position on food crates using IVC-2D

The position of the handle relative to the outer edge of the crate is measured. It is then determined whether the handle is in the correct position.

Foodstuff logistics companies often use uniform containers. These containers are equipped with moving handles for transportation and stacking purposes. The handles must be left in a certain position so the containers can automatically be stacked several meters high. If the handles are in different positions, the stacks may fall over and large quantities of valuable foodstuffs become unusable.

Application Solution
The containers pass through an inspection station equipped with an IVC-2D Smart Camera before they reach the stacking and sorting area. The position of the handles is measured relative to the outer contours of the container; it is then determined if the handles are correctly positioned. A special light source, in conjunction with an optical fiber, ensures the results are consistent even when ambient lighting conditions vary. The correct selection of the lighting also ensures that the process is rarely confused by content on the container that may appear similar to a handle.

In this application, the IVC-2D Smart Camera reliably detects container handles, even with external light sources are present. Due to the short duration of the analysis, the cycle time is not impaired. The logistics company has since had no complaints about damage due to crates falling.

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