Simplified safety mechanisms on a packing machine

The “V300 Extended” camera safety system monitors guard doors while securing assembly cell areas at the same time from “reaching over” and, together with a photoelectric sensor, can provide exit only protection on a wrap around tray packaging machine.

A wrap around tray packing machine takes 6 or 12 drink cartons and puts them onto tray cutouts. The machine folds up the sides of each cutout and glues it to make a tray, which now provides a secure base to transport the goods. Several guard doors have to be monitored so that the machine stops if a person reaches in. The output of the machine also represents an access point to dangerous movements. One particular requirement is to safeguard the machine with electro-sensitive protective equipment which is quick and easy to install and which reacts within a specified time to an operator inserting their hand.

Application Solution
This requirement can be quickly and easily met with a “V300 Extended” camera safety system and a photoelectric sensor. This is electro-sensitive protective equipment based on image processing technology. The sensor sender and receiver are integrated in a single housing, as are the additional reset and EDM functions (Electronic Device Monitoring) to check the protection provided). To monitor the nine guard doors, the “V300 Extended” is installed in the upper right hand corner and the reflective tape is fitted to the fencing and also over the door frames. Taking account of the machine stop time, this means that the cell height can be reduced by more than half. The consequences of this include easier access, reduced safety costs, simple installation and maintenance as well as higher productivity.

During the initial installation, or for realignment of the “V300 Extended”, there is no need at all for the time-consuming alignment of sender and receiver which would otherwise be necessary. The camera safety system is also well protected by being installed in a corner. With just a single device, several guard doors can be secured at the same time.

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