A value added alternative to VME cards to enable network communication

Based in Stow in Ohio, Sytech Systems provides complete control solutions. From electrical and control panel design and construction to software engineering. They deliver a turnkey solution including implementation, installation and start up. Sytech Systems integrates hardware and software to achieve manufacturing excellence by using state of the art equipment, technology and methods. Sytech Systems is well known in the industry as an integrator of industrial process control systems: from tunnels deep under the Himalayas to modern steel production plants in Arkansas. They also integrate vision and data acquisition systems as well as MES.

“We work with every major brand of PLC, but creating a bridge between two networks in order to send and receive data is usually problematic and time consuming to accomplish”, explains Jeffrey Moore, Senior System Engineer, at Sytech. “One of our customers needed to interface between a GE Fanuc PACSystems RX7i PLC and a Siemens Simocode Motor Management system operating on a PROFIBUS network”.“If there is an open slot in the GE Fanuc PLC rack and there is a GE Fanuc card or third-party VME card available to make the connection, then creating a bridge between the PLC and the“foreign” network is not too difficult. However, if there is no slot available, then the expense of expanding the current rack or adding another rack can be a costly proposition. Furthermore,some third-party VME cards have a set of issues all of their own, making their inclusion into the application time consuming”.

The Anybus® Xgateway ™. It enables them  to provide a bridge between the Fanuc PLC Family’s intrinsic or existing Ethernet network and almost any other industrial network. As in our client’s application, PAC System RX7i Ethernet-to-PROFIBUS network slave devices, Sytech Systems can create a communications path to meet the required specifications.”

Thanks to Anybus® X-gateway™, there was no need to add Fanuc or  third-party VME communications cards to expand the current PLC rack size or to add an expansion rack.

The remotely mounted and independently powered Anybus® X-gateway™ uses existing Ethernet communications to exchange data with the Fanuc PLC via Modbus/TCP. No other equipment is required to bridge between the PLC and another network other than the Anybus®X-gateway ™ and a 24vDC power source. In the PACSystems RX7i-to-PROFIBUSapplication discussed above, the Anybus® X-gateway™ allows up to 125 PROFIBUS slave devices. As cited in the example, the PACSystems RX7i has up to 32 Modbus/TCP channels. If each Modbus/TCP channel were connected to an Anybus®X-gateway™ device, the PACSystems RX7i could potentially communicate with 4000 PROFIBUS slave devices. Furthermore, communications between the PACSystems RX7i and the PROFIBUS network do not add significantly to the PLC sweep time.

This is an success story from HMS/Anybus.

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