Can a PLC achieve the same results as a CNC controller?

Shriram Automation, an integrator of custom automation solutions for variety of Industries, needed to replace a faulty CNC controller that was automating a gun drilling application.  They recreated the entire CNC using a Unitronics all-in-one PLC, which also enabled them to add user friendly operator interfaces with the integrated color-touch HMI.  The PLC from Unitronics was more reliable than the CNC controller.

A servo motor powers the drill on a single axis gun drilling machine and drilling is done in several stages at different speeds.  Additionally, depending on the material, the drilling speed may need to be changed while drilling.  They also wanted the controller to managed related processes including the lubrication, spindle and  coolant.

This drill system was  controlled by a CNC controller originally, however due to hardware problems the controller kept failing.  Unable to get adequate technical support for their CNC controller, they decided replace it with a Unitronics Vision430 PLC controller with integrated HMI.  This powerful PLC has an integrated 4.3-inch color-touch HMI panel and onboard I/O.  As a result, They were able to recreate all the features of the CNC program using the Vision430, while adding user-friendly HMI screens.

This is a success story from Unitronics. Tri-Phase Automation is a Wisconsin distributor of Unitronics products.