Motion control for intelligent hydraulics

Kollmorgen developed a servo solution for fluids application with the S700 series’ servo drives. This new technology improves the energy efficiency of applications that need the high power density associated with hydraulics. Plus the benefit of longevity and control precision!

Kollmorgen motion for Hydraulic pump

The volume and pressure flow control for hydraulic applications is generally achieved with variable displacement pumps. Standard solutions use primitive asynchronous motors which drive the variable displacement pumps. Connected to this set-up, a control system is responsible for ensuring compliance with set-points, This classic setup is controlled via pressure sensors and by controlling pressure levels and flow speeds within broadly defined. Thus, it offers imprecise control ranges. Energy efficiency and noise emissions are two additional disadvantages as asynchronous machines generate a lot of reactive power and more noise compared to synchronous motors.

The solution from Kollmorgen by contrast, copes with the varying pressure and flow rate requirements associated with hydraulic applications with the the speed of the synchronous servo motor and not by means of valves. The S700 servo drive is a digital servo drive with extended functionality that is ideal for complex drive tasks. It takes control of the two parameters in conjunction with the synchronous servo motor and a fixed displacement pump. With each rotation, it delivers the same volume and as a result, the reference variable for control purposes becomes speed alone.

With the ready-made servo pump drive solution, Kollmorgen has developed a new functionality for electrohydrostatic actuators (EHAs) based on the S700 series of servo drives. The software-based application can be easily adapted to the specific features of the application at hand by setting the relevant parameters at the engineering stage. Meaning the benefits of EHAs can be exploited without having to consider the possible restrictions associated with existing centralized hydraulics arrangements.

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Motion Control for intelligent hydraulics _ Kollmorgen


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