Saving the World. And keeping track of it online.

Connecting a revolutionary cleaning process to the Internet enables instant troubleshooting and process improvement with the help of HMS Technology.

A remote access and monitoring success story from HMS/Ewon

A Swedish start-up, Scandinavian Water Technology AB, or SWATAB,  has recently gained a lot of attention with their product DIRO® – a water-cleaning cabinet that enables washing machines to wash without the use of any detergents.


Detergents and softeners are a major problem for the world’s ecosystems today so as a sustainability point-of view, the effective of the invention could be vast. In fact, many of the chemicals flushed out in our wastewater come from household cleaning products such as washing and rinsing agents.


ewon swatabEverything is removed from the water, except the water itself – minerals, salt, bacteria according to the inventor. The result is ultra-clean, deionized water which does not conduct electricity. When this water meets the textiles in the washing machine, the dirt comes loose from the fibers in the fabric. The unnecessary particles are transported away with the rinsing water, leaving the fabric clean and free of chemicals. Because the filtered water contains no lime or other minerals, the fabric stays soft without the use of a chemical softener.


SWATAB had an Ewon Flexy installed in their DIRO cabinet to which allowed them to remotely monitor the entire process. The Flexy communicates with the DIRO system and sends data via the GSM cellular network to the Ewon Talk2M data service where data is stored and accessed.

Temperatures, water status, water flows, filter operation times, the quality after each step are tracked. The Ewon Flexy allows them to keep track of all parameters and get the data presented in a nice, graphical dashboard. With the remote access functionality, their service technicians can also access the cabinets remotely to do troubleshooting.”


Not only can eliminating chemicals from the washing process have major implications for the environment, but it also has a positive effect on CO2 emissions as the making of detergents is an extremely CO2-intensive process. In addition, the SWATAB washing process works just as well with cold water and is another energy saver. According to their calculations, 1 kilo of CO2 emissions is spared for each wash. A hotel in Southern Sweden has estimated that they saved 18 ton of CO2 by using the DIRO washing process.

Download and read the full success story:

Saving the World. And keeping track of it online.

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