Optimizing Laser Cutting with Kollmorgen Motors

Kollmorgen Enhances Performance and Precision for Laser Cutting Company


optimizing laser-cutting machine with Kollmorgen direct drive motorsLaser cutting machine systems of Italian-based designer and manufacturer are used to cut a variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, methacrylate and composite materials. Imperative to the success of these machines is the ability to generate complicated parts with consistent accuracy. As customers shifted to larger parts made from thicker or harder alloys, machine performance became limited by mechanical compliance that reduced the necessary bandwidth to perform the dynamic moves to cut parts in 3D. Kollmorgen was selected to execute a new motor solution to enhance accuracy, reduce cogging, and deliver exceptional machine positioning performance.

The Solution with Kollmorgen Motors

Kollmorgen implemented a water-cooled IC Series direct drive linear motor to enhance continuous force capabilities. By eliminating compliance caused by mechanical transmission components such as gearing and belting, the direct drive system design was able to achieve a new level of accuracy, stiffness, and dynamic positioning. Its high degree of precision and minimal cogging exceeded customer expectations, while the added benefit of low maintenance radically improved productivity.

KOLLMORGEN KBM Frameless MotorsFurther collaboration led to the implementation of Kollmorgen’s KBM™ Series direct drive motor for the machine’s rotating laser head. As a result, a reduction of kinematics, increased precision of movement, and reduced laser head size was achieved.  The KBM Series provides low- and high-voltage motors (120–480 Vac) and is designed to be directly embedded in the machine builder’s machine using the machine’s own bearings to support the rotor. Furthermore, the direct drive frameless motor was easy to employ.

20% Increase in Machine Productivity

  • The machine builder’s laser cutting machine performance transformed to deliver a higher level of precision and accuracy.
  • Dramatic improvements in precision, rigidity, and high acceleration resulted in a 20% increase in machine productivity.
  • Large-format 3D metal cutting is now possible, even for items as large as metal tanks 13 meters long and 3 meters in diameter, allowing manufacturers to quickly assemble parts into higher level assemblies.
  • Particular cuts, such as chamfering or bevel cutting, can now be accomplished to complete all necessary machining passes without further finishing processes.
  • Flexibility to cut sheet metal to a wide range of sizes ranging from large to smaller decorative items.

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