When a label is more than just a label

CODIMAG Label Printing Machine equipped with Ewon Remote Access
CODIMAG Label Printing Machine equipped with a Remote Access system from Ewon by HMS Network

CODIMAG, a label printing machine provider based in France has more than 400 machines in operation all over the world. By remotely monitoring their machines with a remote access system from Ewon, the label printing machine builder was able to increase productivity and uptime for their customers, while cutting in maintenance costs.

The Challenge

Maintaining their machine performance from overseas was a real challenge for CODIMAG. Often the customer needs their idle machine fixed quickly as possible. This results in high urgent travel expenses costing thousands of dollars, even for a short trip. In addition, while the engineers are away, new projects at CODIMAG are delayed and new designs postponed.  As a result, it was important for CODIMAG to find a solution that can help them improve productivity for their customers and their engineering team efficiency.

The Solution – A Remote Access System from Ewon by HMS Network

CODIMAG began using the Ewon remote access system with a machine installed in Brazil. They felt they could provide better and more cost-effective service to their customer by installing the Ewon device to the automation side of the press. This allowed CODIMAG to understand all the issues with the press without booking a flight to the site. The customer experienced more productivity and uptime; they found themselves making fewer service call trips.

How It Works

Remote access of equipment in the field has long been the dream of automation professionals. Until now issues with speed, reliability of connection and security put this dream just out of reach, but Ewon’s unique product solves those issues. Using the internet and a fully secure SSL-based VPN tunnel for all traffic. The information exchanged during the communication is encrypted via SSL (2048-bit key) allowing only authenticated users to connect. Ewon’s free utility Talk2M uses a managed, hybrid, layered cyber security approach to protect its devices and network. More importantly, the system protects the customers’ internal network from malicious attacks on their industrial systems.

Improving Productivity

The initial experience with the system in Brazil impressed CODIMAG enough for them to make the determination to provide Ewon remote access with every machine sent to the field.  The devices are easy to use, and engineers can get a system up and running the first time in less than 20 minutes. Gathering detailed information remotely allows the CODIMAG support team to solve the issue 80 percent of the time in a matter of minutes rather than days without the trip expense.



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