Validator Ensures Quality Control for Plastic Injection Machines

This application has provided a dramatic improvement in the production of quality product for major Japanese automotive buyers

The TGKY plant in Kentucky is a producer of molded plastic parts for prominent Japanese automotive companies. Producing a high quality product is critical to maintaining business contracts, and the ability to better monitor the process promised to be vital in improving the overall efficiency of the plant and the quality of the parts produced there.

They contacted Kemper Controls, a local InduSoft Web Studio distributor, to develop the HMI application for their Validator solution. Because InduSoft Web Studio offers one of the best HMI solutions for Windows CE and embedded Windows PLC solutions The dependability of InduSoft Web Studio was also a factor, as was the ease of using its graphical interface.

The results of this monitoring capability have been impressive for TGKY. The Validator system based on InduSoft Web Studio saves the operators of the injection molding machines many hours that otherwise would have been spent replicating good parts, as well as the material waste of making defective parts.

Tri-Phase Automation is an InduSoft distributor in Wisconsin
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