An outdoor HMI that is sunlight readable

The outdoor HMI SP5000X eXteme Series from Pro-face is sunlight readable and ideal for harsh environments.  Watch the video and see the possibilities of the SP5000X Outdoor HMI.

  • Sunlight Readable, 1000 nits, Anti-Glare Displays
  • -30 degrees C – 70 degrees C Operating Temperature
  • 7″ and 12: Wide Displays with stainless steel bezels
  • Conformal coating for environmental protection
  • Dust Resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Weather Resistant
  • Vibration/Shock Resistant
  • IP66F Rated

This outdoor HMI is suitable for multiple applications under harsh environmental conditions including use in special purpose vehicles such as fire trucks and construction equipment; parking lots and gas stations; and the oil and gas industry.