Automatic Laser Marking For Farm Produce Traceability

It’s 7 o’clock… do you know where your produce came from?

If you have fruits or vegetables from Wishnatzki farms, you not only know where it came from, but also what field it came from, what day and time it was picked, and who picked it! Wishnatzki Farms has taken the Produce Traceability Initiative to heart. The Produce Traceability Initiative, or PTI, is an effort to increase value throughout the produce harvest chain by encouraging accountability. Some ambitious companies, including Wishnatzki Farms, are even using it for customer feedback purposes, constantly improving their techniques and procedures. So what does a MOOG Animatics SmartMotor have to do with produce traceability? The answer is FireTag.

“We didn’t try any other servo motor because we needed 100% reliability. The SmartMotors haven’t failed yet and we don’t expect them to. FireTag isn’t designed just for the clean room environment but for the farm factory floor, so durability and reliability were key in our decisions” said Rob Ogilbee, CFO of VirtualOne.

This is an application of MOOG Animatics
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